What does taking a cash loan from Good Finance look like?

Good Finance is a comparison tool that lets you find various banking products in one place – loans, accounts, deposits and credit cards. With The Good Finance, you can easily compare them and contact banks quickly.

In addition, we as a team of analysts regularly check them for you. We verify that the offers are current, and also test processes that tell you how to easily get a loan.

Submit a request for a cash loan


We process credit processes in banks exactly like you. We submit a request for a cash loan with the offer of interest to us in our cash loan ranking. In this case, it was a cash loan from Good Finance. Then enter your contact details and wait until the bank rings. What happens next?

Cash loan in Good Finance – I’m sending an inquiry and what next?


1. After you leave your contact details, Good Finance will call you back. Like Good Finance, it will do it quickly in a few minutes, so be prepared. During the conversation with the bank you will need:

  • ID card,
  • information on your monthly living costs (related to housing and bills),
  • current employer’s data (company name, address, contact phone number, tax identification number) and information on when you have been employed with him,
  • information about your monthly net salary,
  • information whether you are currently paying off other loans and liabilities.

2. An advisor from Good Finance will ask you some preliminary questions to see if you can apply for a loan at this bank. You must have stable and documented income from min. 3 months. If you meet these conditions without any problems, you will receive a loan offer.

3. However, before you proceed to complete the loan application, the adviser will ask you for permission to check your credit history in the following bases:

The bank will still need basic information that will allow it to verify you, e.g. in the GFI database. That is why you must provide: name and surname, PESEL number, ID number, and series as well as the date of its validity, as well as the second name (if you have it).

4. When the result of the examination of your history and creditworthiness is positive, the adviser will propose you complete the application. For this purpose, he will still need some information from you. Here are the questions you’ll hear:

  • Have you repaid any loans before?
  • How big do you work at? (it’s about the legal form)
  • Since when have you been working at the current company?
  • What are your monthly living costs? (rent for the flat, bill)
  • Do you own a flat, do you rent it or live with a family?
  • What is your marital status?
  • Do you have any dependent children?

5. Based on information about your financial situation, the adviser will present you with the loan terms. He will tell you how much the monthly installment will pay, what will be the total cost of the loan and will list the remaining parameters of the loan offer (interest rate, commission, and APRC).

6. If you accept the offer and you are a new customer of Good Finance, i.e. you have never had an account in it or have not taken a loan before, then you must go to the branch to confirm your identity and complete the loan process.

Arrange an appointment at a time convenient for you.


The adviser will tell you which branch is closest to you and will also help you arrange an appointment at a time convenient for you. Remember to bring your ID card and bank statements from the last 3 months. If you forget about it, you can print it on the spot.

7. Sign the loan agreement at the branch.

8. And now! With the help of The Good Finance, the money will go to your account

If you still have doubts about the credit process at Good Finance, write to me at my e-mail address: The Good Finance

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