Loan repayment grace period – what does this mean?

Many wonder how to deal with problems with paying off the loan? The worst thing you can do is sit back and wait for the situation to resolve itself, for it will never happen. Then the temporary difficulty in repayment will only grow to the rank of a huge problem.

Grace is a concept commonly known in the credit environment. It allows the suspension of the capital part of the debt for a more distant date, thereby giving the borrower time to sort out his financial affairs.

What is a loan grace period?


It happens that when we reach for a bank loan, we fail to pay it back on time. In such a situation, banks reach out to their clients, offering them a grace period. The loan repayment grace period is delayed payment of the principal part of the installment. This means that the installment should be regularly repaid later, but it only covers interest or loan insurance.

The loan grace period mainly applies to mortgage loans, but not only. It can also be used for other types of loans, including cash, car, investment, student and even online installment loans.

The grace period is granted by the bank at the borrower’s request. Some banks are able to offer a grace period of up to three years, provided that they receive a reliable argument from the client confirming that they need a grace period.

Mortgage payment grace period


By taking out a mortgage, we can never predict what will happen for a dozen or so or several dozen years. Degradation at work, job loss or a serious illness preventing work and consuming a significant part of our savings – these are just some of the logs that life can throw us under our feet and thus hinder the timely repayment of the loan.

Loan repayment – how to do it without big costs? When losing financial liquidity, it is a good idea to suspend loan repayment. Unfortunately, the mortgage grace period extends the interest repayment period, which means that we will eventually have to pay more than at the beginning.

The borrower must, if possible, anticipate any problems with the loan repayment because the grace period at the beginning of the mortgage will make the value of interest much lower. If we decide to do it later, the interest will be much higher, and thus the amount we will have to pay back to the bank will be higher.

When is the loan grace period worth using?


Postponing the repayment date is an important decision. It should be remembered that the postponement of debt repayment will make it much higher. Each subsequent installment increases the cost of the loan. Therefore, grace should be decided only in justified situations, when it will bring some benefits.

A grace period of the loan pays off when we get to the horse ca sp patches and interest portion of the loan to repay remains for us only part of the capital or when we crossed half the term of the loan and the amount of capital installment bed with hand wnała installment of interest.

The application for a grace period in loan repayment will also be justified in a situation when we decided to take a loan with decreasing installments, in which the capital will quickly equalize itself with interest that should be repaid.

How to get a loan repayment grace period?

How to get a loan repayment grace period?

To apply for a loan grace period, you must submit a special application to the bank for the possibility of granting it. This can be done at any time. An application for a grace period in loan repayment should contain not only the borrower’s basic data but also confirmation of his current financial situation, justifying the deferral of part of the debt repayment.

We must bear in mind that the bank will closely monitor our credit history and analyze credit risk. The debtors who are not in arrears with payments towards the bank can count on the positive consideration of the application.

Advantages and disadvantages of grace in loan repayment


Having plans to apply for a grace period in loan repayment, it is worth analyzing the pros and cons of such a solution.

The decision to grace the loan repayment must be well thought out, because although it is supposed to help, sometimes it can unfortunately also hurt.

Grace period for paying off 

The period of suspension in repayment of the debt may include different times, usually, banks decide to grant a break of several months in repayment. The exception here is Good Finance, which gives you the grace period to pay back capital even up to 36 months. The grace period for paying off a GFI mortgage for a maximum period of six months need not be justified.

Unfortunately, a grace period for ING loan repayment is not possible. In the case of problems with loan repayment, it is worth asking if there is a possible alternative solution.

Grace for bank loan repayment


At mBank, if necessary, you can suspend repayment of the principal installment for up to 3 months. You can apply for a grace period by submitting a simple application by phone or online.

The grace period for bank loan repayment may take place only after the repayment of six principal and interest installments and on condition that the loan repayment period after the end of the last grace period will be at least 2 times longer than the period in which the borrower used the grace period.

Grace period for repayment of the Good Finance loan


Good Finance offers its clients a grace period in paying back the loan capital for a maximum period of 60 months. The loan grace period can be used by the borrower at any time to pay the debt.

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